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Watering the lawn

Upgrade Your Lawn To Bermuda Grass

  • Low growing and drought resistant

  • When the temperature falls below 60 degrees, Bermuda grass becomes dormant

  • If the temperature rises, this type of grass will turn green quickly

  • Needs full exposure to the sun

Deep watering of your lawn

Watering your lawn deeply and infrequently, about one inch per week, is essential in order to promote deep root growth. Deep watering is watering long enough so that the water reaches the grass roots. Frequent and shallow watering results in roots not having to grow and so they don't reach down into the subsoil for water.

Mow your grass regularly

Bermuda grass is quite easy to maintain. It's aggressive, which helps keep the weeds under control. However, it does benefit from regular mowing. This will also add to weed control. The mow height should range between 1.5 and 2.5 inches. Using the maximum height is usually recommended.

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Fertilize your grass for a healthy lawn

Fertilizing Bermuda grass is one of the most satisfying lawn activities. The most efficient way to fertilize is to use one of the dry granular fertilizers that is sold in 10-50 lb bags. It is important to use slow release fertilizers whenever possible.

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